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Here at L+B, we love sleep! Let’s be honest, we’re all better people with sleep! All our products centre around sleep.

Lola + Blake

We’re all better people with sleep! All our products centre around sleep. From classic cut pyjamas and babygrows through to quilts and washbags, we’re on a mission, to promote sleep and all its benefits, especially in little ones (because if they sleep well then there is more chance we will!).

Our aim is to banish the cultural, modern day negativity associated with sleep and how it seems to be the last of our health priorities.

We want to move away from the “you snooze, you lose” mindset and instil good sleep habits for our littlest loves. Now we all know that a pair of pyjamas can’t magically make a child sleep but our pure cotton keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter, its breathable and soft so it goes some way in promoting a comfy nights sleep.

Our bright and colourful, hand-painted designs were created with a desire to inspire dreams.

With classic cuts, piping and features such as pockets and pearlised buttons; the fabrics and style together marry a modern twist of nostalgia with comfort, hopefully making bedtime a fun experience. Our British designed collections are 200 thread count, 100% Indian cotton. We’ve used the finest cotton weave to ensure it feels soft and smooth against even the most sensitive of skin.


About me

I’m Kat and I founded this business out of a love of sleep!

In short, I pour my dreams and passion into this business to create these colourful, intricate collections working with British Illustrators. All the products centre around sleep and are for both boys and girls/men and women. They are super, high, quality, hand-finished items which are made to last and be handed down the family.

I hope they add a little fun to your rest, relaxation and bedtime routine.

Sweet Dreams.

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